A New Day


A poem I made about the sun and sky and parts of the day.

A new Day

When the sun starts to rise,
The skies paint themselves so nice,
The stars slowly begin to fade,
And the sun starts to blaze.

When it’s nearly afternoon,
The shadows will be getting shorter soon,
The sun will come into the middle of the sky,
Going further, up so high.

When the sun starts to set,
The skies paint themselves in red,
And in purple and golden,
And then the sun disappears, as if it had been stolen

When night has come,
The moon has replaced the sun,
The stars are shining bright,
Filling the sky with little lights,
The sun in the sky went a long way,
And tomorrow it will come again to start a new day.


Of course the sun doesn’t really move at all, it’s the Earth that does, spinning around on its axis. And I forgot to write about the shadows getting longer at midday. But I enjoyed writing this poem.