The four seasons

The four seasons


In winter the snow is falling,
While the sky is slowly dawning,
Then children come out to play,
With snowballs flying this and that way.


In spring flowers are growing,
Bumblebees are coming and going,
The trees have finally gotten their leaves,
And their branches are waving in a cool breeze.


The children are off school for their summer holidays,
With cold drinks and hot long days,
Some have gone to the seaside,
To enjoy the sun while there’s still time.


Autumn is when the leaves dress up,
The animals start to hibernate,
The freezing winter will be here soon,
So they’d better sleep before it’s too late!

This poem about the seasons – or at least how I know them to be! – was a bit difficult to write. I had to keep on making little changes so that I didn’t use the same word too many times. The pictures were a little hard to think about and draw too. They needed to match the words. For winter I drew snow, obviously. For spring I wrote about flowers and trees so I drew that. Summer was the hard bit but I wrote about the beach so I decided to draw it too. Autumn is easy. One thing everyone knows that happens is that the leaves change colour. So here is another poem for you to enjoy!


The Dance of the Leaves

Brown, orange, golden, red,
Leaves are whirling round your head!
Doing their little dance in the air,
Leaving the tree branches dull and bare,
They are flying everywhere!

I wrote this poem a long time ago when my mum was teaching us English and we had to write a poem about autumn. So I wrote about the leaves changing colour and flying off the trees. When the wind blows them they do look like they’re doing a little dance of their own before they drop to the ground. I couldn’t find the original copy of this poem but I could remember it so I wrote it down on another piece of paper so you could read it.