Cookie’s Meal

One afternoon, a small cat with ginger fur was walking around the streets and wondering whether or not to jump in the bin to eat and risk being scratched by the bigger cats. This cat’s name was Cookie.

He had once been a pet cat but his owners had thrown him out after he upset the fish bowl, and two goldfish died. He was now a street cat. Mostly everyone was nice to him, but sometimes he found that it could be very hard living on the streets. Today he was finding street living especially hard as he was really quite hungry, and hadn’t eaten anything since yesterday.

Cookie was just passing the bin for the hundredth time when he smelt something delicious coming from it. Chicken! thought Cookie and was just about to jump in when terrible yowls and shrieks of fury were heard all the way down the road. A white cat streaked out of the bin and darted away. Another cat flew out of the bin and started nursing itself. ‘’What happened?’’ Cookie asked his friend Spots, a white cat with black and brown blotches. Spots stopped licking herself for a moment. ‘’I went in with Snowdrop to get a piece of chicken and Pirate gave me a terrible scratch near my tail. Look, I’m surprised it’s left on at all.’’ She turned around to show Cookie the huge scratch. He shuddered.

Pirate was the toughest and meanest cat around, and had a character that suited his name perfectly. He was forever fighting other cats and stealing their food. His face was covered in scratches. Half of his tail had been torn off. His one eye glinted evilly (he had lost the other one in a fight). Cookie definitely couldn’t eat out of the bin today. Waving his tail goodbye to Spots, he went to find something to eat elsewhere.

On his way he heard a sound. It was a bird, singing loudly. Cookie looked around and spotted an open window. There was a small table right next to it. On top of the table was a cage with a canary in it that was chirping happily. It was almost like an invitation to eat! Cookie most certainly didn’t refuse it. He leapt through the window, landed on the table and started prowling round the cage. The little bird watched with beady, terrified eyes. As Cookie crept closer, the canary started flapping around wildly and twittering with fear. Smash! Cookies tail knocked over a vase of flowers. In the next minute someone had run into the room and was watching the scene with horrified eyes. There were screams and shouts of ‘’Get that cat out of here!’’ Cookie was ushered out and the door was slammed shut with a bang. He sighed. He was so terribly hungry. He wouldn’t usually go for a bird, especially in a cage, but today he felt like he couldn’t stand another minute without food. With his tail drooping, he wandered off sadly.

Cookie lay down mournfully in a corner. He didn’t even have the heart to search for something else to eat. He was so hungry that his stomach hurt. It unexpectedly gave a rumble that sounded like an earthquake. Lovely he thought. Nothing I can do about it. Suddenly a door opened and a girl holding a tin and a bowl came running out. Oh no thought Cookie. I hope she’s not going to send me off. ‘’Kitty!’’ shouted the girl. ‘’Kitty, KITTY!’’ Weakly Cookie got to his legs. ‘’No! Don’t run away PLEASE!’’ Cookie looked at the girl in surprise. He had expected to be chased off. The girl put down the bowl and emptied some of the tin in to it. Cookie sniffed at it. It was tuna! The moment Cookie discovered it was edible he gobbled and gobbled and it seemed to him like the most precious thing in the world, so wonderful that words couldn’t describe it! The girl laughed and put some more in for him. He ate it up happily. Cookie had gotten a meal at last.