Hi, my name is Sumayya Fayziddin and I enjoy writing poetry and stories. I don’t usually write poems but I like writing them. I¬† sometimes¬†write poems in my free time. I just have to find something to inspire me. Writing stories are easier. My mum suggested I make a website where I can share all my poems -and stories- so we made this one together. I wanted to share my poems because I thought you may enjoy reading them. They could give you ideas on how to write your own poems because I got some of my poems from other peoples’ ideas. It’s not copying. You’re just rewriting it in your own words differently. It can be a bit hard finding something to write about, but once I do, the rest of it is easing something and y. I write it in an old notebook first, then I make some changes here and there and finally I write on a clean sheet of paper and illustrate it. Those are some tips if you want to write your own poem. I hope you enjoy this website and all my poems and stories!