Hi, my name is Sumayya Fayziddin and I enjoy writing poetry. In the school holidays, my mum makes me do maths, English, Quran and sometimes science. my   She teaches us Quran, maths and English. She usually has books for maths and sometimes for science but she just lets me write poems and stories for English. I also like writing poems in my free time. My mum suggested I make a website where I can share all my poems -and stories- so we made this one together. I wanted to share my poems because I thought you may enjoy reading them. They could give you ideas on how to write your own poems because I got some of my poems from other peoples’ ideas. It’s not copying. You’re just reading something and writing it in your own words differently. It can be a bit hard finding something to write about, but once I do, the rest of it is easy. I write it in an old notebook first, then I make some changes here and there and finally I write on a clean sheet of paper and illustrate it. Those are some tips if you want to write your own poem. I hope you enjoy this website and all my poems and stories!